Convert any CD or DVD image format to ISO



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For sure you have ever downloaded a cd or DVD image you couldn't burn because it wasn't compatible with your dv/DVD burning application.

If you remember all the time you spent downloading it and the frustration you experienced when you weren't able to burn it, you'll welcome AnyToISO Converter, a lite application that will convert BIN, MDF, PDI, CDI, NRG, B5I, IMG, DEB, DMG CD/DVD-ROM images to ISO, a format compatible with most burning applications.

The conversion process is extremely easy, you only have to choose the origin file you want to convert and press the 'convert' button. Wait for a short time and you'll have the file converted to ISO and stored in the folder you previously chose.

AnyToISO Converter doesn't need to be installed and it's totally free.
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